Vistar Rachana

About Us

Established in 2015, VISTAR RACHANA is recognized for working in the Indian Sub-Continent and is known for its diverse work portfolio comprising of – Urban Design, Master Planning, Health-Care, Institutional, Hospitality, Commercial, Workplace, Residential & Conservation supported and developed through various research’s developed in-house and through collaboration with Architects, Designers, Artists, Engineers done in the field of sustainability, interiors, technology, Digital Technology, Landscape, Conservation.

Our Vision

Vistar Rachana was born out of an idea developed and evolved through various stages on a passion to transform people’s lives by designing incredible spaces for them to live and work in, to solve their daily problems. We have been working in a diverse range of architecture and interior disciplines and are also passionate to solve the problem of urban interaction in context to Indian fabric by creating public spaces in important spots across the cities. We design with you in mind. Give us a call to discuss and see what we can do for you.

We have been working in India. Looking forward to create a transforming project at your lovely site.

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